The Best Income and Outcome Management.

A better way to manage building common expenses!

The Greatest Way to Manage a Building Common expenses!

Keep Organized and never miss a common expenses payment again! It is equipped with amazing features and is user friendly



Store your data in Cloud and never worry about backup.



View total Income/Outcome balance any time.


Attach Payrolls

You can upload payrolls attachments and download them any time.



Notifications about pending/delay payments.

amazing features



Add,Update,Delete,View tenants and there informations.



Store and keep track in one place all the income payments.


Building Needs

Manage what the building needs, how much it costs and if is completed.


Admin Dashboard

Keep up to date with admin dashboard with charts and pending tenants payments.

Exclusive Design

Fully responsive design for mobile/ tablet/ computer view.

Instant Support

Contact us for any problem,question or suggestion you may have.

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Manage Building Fees With Simple Steps

After the registration you can add tenant and manage the payments through system. You can add attachments of payrolls, notes. Keep track the delay payments, income and outcome money. You can also set the building needs, costs and keep track accomplishments. You can use charts to monitor the payments,delay payments,empty flats and income of each month. View invoices of your subscription in one place. You can stop the subscription any time and start again any time you want from where you have left off.

Keep Organized and never miss a common expenses payment never again!

Frequently Asked Questions

You can manage a building common expenses with monitoring the income/outcome money flow and payments.

Is very easy to use it. After your registration you will get an email with pdf instructions.

After your free registration you can go to navigation bar on the left and select renew subscription/pay. There you can pay with credit card or with paypal account .

You can still view your data but you can't update them. After your renew subscription you can continue use all the functionalities like before.

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Please feel free to contact us at any time for any question or problem you may have.